Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Are essay writing services legal? Yes. There are some exceptions, but generally speaking, essay writing services are perfectly legal. They don’t transfer ownership and do not encourage plagiarism. However, some services may use a shortcut to gain an advantage over you. Here are some things to look for in a company. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of essay writing services. These benefits should not be overlooked. Read on to find out more.


The internet is a vast resource that can lead you to many legitimate essay writing services. While you should always remember that essay writing services are not illegal, they aren’t always honest about their years of operation. If you’re unsure of a writing service’s legitimacy, check out the Whois database. It contains information about any domain name and who owns it. Legitimate essay writing services will also be transparent about their policies.

A legitimate essay writing service will display a disclaimer on its website. Presenting someone else’s work as your own is considered academic dishonest. Writing services do not want to be accused of helping students cheat, so they make sure to indicate that the papers are only for research or example use. If you can’t find a disclaimer, you’re probably not using a legit essay writing service.


Reliable essay writing services offer custom-written essays that fit your exact specifications. They cover different types of academic papers, including essays, term papers, research papers, book reports, dissertations, and capstone projects. Students can easily purchase an essay online and enjoy its convenience. Furthermore, these companies produce custom-written academic papers of the highest quality. For these reasons, they have become a popular option among students. Here are some tips to choose a reputable essay writing service.

ExpertWriting: This is an academic writing service with a stellar reputation for delivering original papers on time. Customers can choose the writer they want and get a quick essay in time for the next lecture. Master’s students can find a specialized researcher for their final research semester. Moreover, the company’s writers have the necessary education and experience to complete any paper to perfection. Using EssayPro, you can select a writer based on customer feedback and educational background. You can also contact the writer and discuss the details of your order.

Doesn’t transfer ownership

Many students wonder if they can legally purchase essays and papers from online writing services. While this may be true in some cases, it is not the norm. Rather, essay writing services are legal businesses that sell textual materials written by professionals according to customer requests. Moreover, many universities and colleges do not forbid students from purchasing these papers for research or personal purposes. In fact, many students use essay writing services for their editing needs to polish their own drafts.

In addition, essay writing services are not considered legit if they claim to be a stand-in for a student and provide content that helps students understand their coursework. This is especially beneficial for students with many responsibilities. Some students work part-time jobs to pay for college, and others are married, making it difficult for them to find enough time for family and personal life. Fortunately, most essay writing services do not transfer ownership to the customer.

Doesn’t encourage plagiarism

While most people feel that plagiarism is a serious offense that deserves punishment, many also realize that it’s not necessarily deceitful. Indeed, many writers and artists recombine ideas and work with other authors in the same way. This “lone wolf” notion is an 18th-century European construct, and writers have been copying works and ideas for centuries. Even before then, however, writers were respected for their work and copied from others for free publicity.

When people copy from another author, they must acknowledge the source of the material. This is illegal even if the copied portion is just two sentences. A few sentences from an article or a book can be easily misinterpreted as the author’s own work, and should be cited accordingly. In addition, paraphrasing should be properly attributed to the original source, without citing it as your own work.

Isn’t a scam

Legitimate essay writing services don’t pretend to be your stand-in for your college coursework; they provide you with materials to understand the coursework. They are particularly helpful to students who have a lot of responsibilities, like family or work. Some of them may even be married and need to fit in time with their spouses and children. Most legitimate essay writing services transfer ownership of the essays to their buyers, so you don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

Several online forums will help you distinguish between a legit essay writing service and a scam. These sites will post their own and others’ honest reviews. You can also check their refund and cancellation policies. If a website does not have these policies, it’s probably a scam. Make sure to read through the reviews before placing an order with a writing service. Do not place any money into an account with a writing service until you’ve read all their policies carefully.

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